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The Walking Dead – The Monday De-cap Episode 4: Vatos

The Jist: Grimes, T-Dog, ShortRound and Daryl can’t find one-handed Merle.  So they go after Grimes’ guns.  They get jumped.  Turns out there are other survivors.  There’s some conflict.  It gets resolved.  Back at camp, Jim digs some holes in the heat.  Then things go south…

This week begins at camp with Andrea and her sister Amy, played by Emma Bell (Frozen), fishing in the quarry.  They talk about their father, and Amy asks Andrea if she thinks that Florida may not have been hit as hard (by the outbreak).  Andrea doesn’t respond.  Though it’s just a throw-away line, the thought does finally give us viewers some idea as to the scope of the outbreak. It’s fair to assume at this point that at very minimum the Zombpocolypse as affected the Southern U.S.  Back at camp, Dale, played by Jeffery DeMunn (The Shawshank Redemption) notices that Jim, played by Andrew Rothenberg (Stranger Than Fiction), has been digging atop the hill in hundred degree heat for some time (that’s like 35ish for us metric folk).  Shane goes up to have a chat with Jim, but Jim just keeps on digging…and being strange…and scaring the children. So Shane tackles him.  Because it’s what Shane does. Shane tells him “everything is going to be OK.”  Jim says that’s a lie.  Shane ties him to a tree. Because that’s responsible.  Turns out the heat really did get to Jim – he doesn’t remember why he was digging, just that he dreamt it. Jim also informs us that he lost his wife and sons to the Zombies, only escaping himself because the Zombies were too busy lunching on his family.  Seriously Jim, you’re scaring the children.

Back in Atlanta Daryl is just a little distraught over his brother’s absence from the roof he had be chained to a day or so ago.  Then he remarks what a tough S.O.B. his brother is for cutting off his own hand and forming a truncate to limit the blood loss (that answers all the “where the heck is the blood” questions from last week!).  There is a slight trail heading down an alternate exit from the roof…I guess Merle is pretty lucky that Zombies aren’t the most observant or skilled problem solvers. They head down but still can’t find Merle.  However, they do find a piece of metal over a flame with flesh seared to it…cauterized the wound…yep, one tough S.O.B. indeed.  ShortRound figures they should make a play for the guns before resuming find-a-Merle.  Or rather, he should make a play for the guns while the others cover him down the side streets. Of course the Zombies notice ShortRound grab the guns…and Grimes’ hat, you never leave the hat.  As he makes a run for it, Daryl is grabbed from behind…by a living person.  Confusion ensues, some Zombies die, a man gets an arrow in the rear and ShortRound is kidnapped.  Fortunately Daryl grabbed the guy who first
jumped him, so we can make a trade right?


Unfortunately, the Leader of the Other Survivors – Guillermo, played by Neil Brown Jr. (Fast and Furious) isn’t into a one-for-one and demands the guns and his man in exchange for ShortRound, or he’ll drop him from the roof and make him FlatRound (yes, that’s what passes for humour here).  Grimes leaves to think about it. Which translates to coming back with bigger guns.  Grimes and Co. are ready to shoot it out before an elderly lady comes down looking for medicine.


Turns out that the building is a hospital, Guillermo was the janitor and one of his buddies was a nurse.  When the Zombification happened the old people were left to die, so Guillermo and friends took over the hospital and scavenge the city for food and supplies while taking care of the old and sick.  Is your mind blown? Mine too.  But I swear, if it turns out they were on an island or dead this whole time I’m going to flip.  Grimes gives them some guns, because he’s a nice guy like that. Guillermo gives him ShortRound, because he’s nice like that too.  Everything is happy…except the Zombie Horde that has taken over Atlanta…but really, who’s thinking of them at a time like this?

Grimes & Co. give up on finding Merle and head back to their truck…but the truck’s not there! How in the heck?…oh right.  Merle. Not Cool Merle.  They take off at a run back to camp…

Meanwhile at camp, Jim isn’t tied to the tree anymore, and everyone is sitting around the fire, eating fish and being merry.  Dale remarks on the importance of keeping time.  Amy has to go to the bathroom.  Wife-Beater Ed is alone in his tent, sporting heavy bruises from the Shane beat-down.  Ed hears something.  It’s not a squirrel.  Goodbye Ed.  Unfortunately no one heard Ed’s screams…so Amy is taken off guard and bitten.  The other campers hear her screams.  By this time the camp is flooded.  Honestly I’m still not 100% sure who died.  Ed and Amy for sure, I think they also got Jacqui…and maybe someone else…it was
dark all right?!

Grimes & Co. get back and kill the remaining Zombies.  Laurie Holden (Andrea) gives and excellent scene here, holding her sister close as she dies in her arms…all I could think at this point was “Boy I hope that’s from blood loss because if she comes back in a
moment…”  After the bloodshed Jim surveys the damage and remarks “I remember why I was digging holes now…”

At least the rest of the Campers are safe…for the moment.

How much you wanna bet Shane blames Grimes for the deaths because he, and 3 other able-bodied men, weren’t there when the Zombies struck?  Also, I’m loving Daryl Dixon – anyone who kills Zombies with a crossbow bolt to the forehead is ok in my book. The lingering question from this episode: Didn’t that van, supposedly taken by Merle, have a large storage trunk?…as in large enough to carry people?…a lot of people?…just saying…

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