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The Walking Dead – The Monday Decap Episode 5: Wildfire

 The Jist: In the wake of the camp ambush (where surprisingly few of them died…) the survivors decide to move on.  Jim got bit.  Grimes wants to go to the Centre for Disease Control in hopes of finding a cure.   Shane wants to go to an army fort in hopes of finding protection.  Lori sides with her husband.  To the CDC! I foresee conflict.
This week’s episode begins at dawn, hours after the campers were jumped by Zombies.  Grimes is on his radio, warning the Joneses to stay the heck out of Atlanta.  Meanwhile the campers are dealing with the aftermath of the ambush, burning the dead-undead (redead?) corpses and burying their own.

Are you there God? It's me, Rick

Jim’s been bit.  He says he’s fine.  Dwayne wants to kill him.  Grimes says no.  They talk it out and put Jim in the Winnebago, presumably so that when he goes full Zombie he has access to the kitchenette.
Andrea is still hovering over the dead body of her sister.  Amy sister wakes up. There’s a tear-felt apology for never really being there from Andrea.  Amy tries to bite her face off. Andrea blows her brains out.  Ah sisterly love.
Rick and Shane do the routine sweep of the perimeter and discuss what their next steps are. Rick is set on heading to the CDC.  Shane not so much.  Rick says that if it were Shane’s family he’d understand.  Seeing as it was Shane’s family for a while, though Rick still doesn’t know that, Shane is kind of pissed. They separate for a bit and Shane, with a pretty spot-on display of crazed murder-lust by Jon Bernthal, lines rick up in the sights of his shotgun, just barely deciding against taking Rick down. Dale sees. Dale sees all.  Looks like Shane is pretty damn close to his boiling point.
Back at camp the survivors make the decision to make a run for it.  Grimes wants to head for the CDC in hopes of finding a cure.  Shane wants to head for an army base on the other side of Atlanta.  Lori sides
with her husband.  Shane looks pissed-er, but eventually falls in line with Grimes.  So does everyone else.  Except for one family who decides to head for Birmingham instead, hurray for write-offs!

Grimes leaves behind a car and a map in case Jones finally makes it to camp and the campers head out for the CDC.  On the way there Jim’s condition gets worse.  He asks the campers to leave him behind.  They do.  I get the feeling we’ll be seeing Zombie Jim at some point in the series.

Weird Scene: A series of video messages from a CDC scientist.  He looks like Brett Favre, so for now we’ll call him Brett Favre (yes, that IS how you spell Favre).  He’s working on a cure, but having little success. We also get the distinct feeling he’s alone.  Yep.  He’s alone.  And not paying any attention.  And he contaminated his samples – they appeared to be working?  I’m not really sure…except that that’s not what it looks like under a microscope… Aparently the CDC has one explosive decontamination procedure as his lab gets blown up.  Now he’s even more depressed.  Note: his samples were called TS-19, which is also the name of the season finale.

Meanwhile, the campers reach the CDC.  Things don’t look so good.  I have beef with this scene.  There should have been way, way, way more bodies with the fortifications around the building.  But the amount of flies and reaction to the stench seemed about right.   It’s getting dark, Zombies are appearing and no one is answering the door.  People start freaking out.  Grimes yells at the security camera.  It moves.  Grimes yells some more.  Zombies are coming.  The door opens.  A flash of white light…

Best episode of the season, except for the first one.  I’m really, really hoping we get some answers next episode, and it’s looking promising.  As usual we’re left with one glaring question: Where the hell is Meryl?  I’m still convinced that he’s responsible for the attack on the camp, and I’m thinking he just might get to the map/car before Jones does…

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